Are you a citizen curious about the inner-works of the CPD?

Are you thinking about a career in law enforcement but aren't sure yet?

Do you want a better understanding of the duties of an Officer?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then our Citizens Police Academy would be a great experience for you! The Citizens Police Academy is a 7 week course that takes place every Tuesday at the Camden Police Department. In the 7 weeks that you are here you will learn the pressure of being a Dispatcher, the hours that go into being a Detective, how strong our Domestic Violence Advocates have to be, and how our Officers have to always be on their toes. Yes you will learn about our K-9 unit and Traffic stops, but also you will be taught the importance of knowing your firearms and defensive tactics. This course is a completely hands on experience, you're not just sitting in a class room for 2 hours listening to someone talk, you'll be firing the guns that our officers use in our indoor range, you will actually get in a patrol car and make your own traffic stops, and yes if you would like to volunteer to be tased there is even a night for that!

If you would like to be notified when our next Citizens Police Academy is, email us with a subject of " Citizens Police Academy" or call the Department at (870) 836-5755. If you have any other questions about the Citizens Police Academy feel free to email us!

*Our next Citizens Police Academy will be September 12- October 24*